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I own 1 Kimber that I bought this past year new for $850, quite the deal for an all stainless 6” longslide target gun, very nice tight frame to slide fit along with a great barrel hood to slide fit as well. Ok accuracy out of the box but not great. Required an immediate Kimber paid trip back to fix a locked up adjustable rear sight that they fixed and turned around in 10days, shouldn’t need it but they did right by me.

So I dig into it and find the barrel to bushing fit has a ridiculously loose .009in clearance and about the same fit for the bushing to the Slide, just terrible, very loose.

Then I find the slide stop to frame pin is a bit less than .001in which is pretty good but the barrel link is about .007in bigger than the pin and the pin doesn’t appear to touch the legs at all, just terrible, imho

So I got a new oversized barrel bushing from egw that I thought was big enough to require fitting but just basically slipped in but tightened things up considerably, at some point I’ll call george at egw for a bigger bushing but the current one is good enough for now. I reamed the frame to accept a .204in slide stop pin and changed the barrel link to get the pin to contact the ramp.

The only real “performance issue I had with the gun was that it would have a couple of fte’s with the empty case locked under the extractor, so I followed steve-in-Allentown’s wonderful extractor tuning guide and found a bunch of issues there with the worst being that the hook to breech distance was way to small and would lock the case rim in and wouldn’t eject it.

All in all the gun is much better and way more accurate, and just runs perfectly. The plastic mainspring housing is pure bull-crap right up there with springfields glued-in ejectors just bs and nothing more, but like the glued in ejector it works and is liveable, just wish they would’ve spent some of that saved money on some front strap checkering.

I also replaced the trigger with a Fusion short smooth faced piece (my preference) and cleaned/smoothed/deburred all the fire control piece’s for a very nice 3 1/2 lb trigger (4.0lb oe, not bad !),,, very happy with the results.

All-in-all I was disappointed in the quality of my new Kimber for things that should have been in my opinion much better but for the $850 I spent it was a good starting point and the repairs/upgrades were really pretty easy but really shouldn’t have needed it again in my opinion. I am very happy with the finished product, very nice shooting and damn accurate, much more so than I am.

So that’s my Kimber rant, sort of,,,, I really like this gun !

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