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Kimber sells a zillion guns every year. They're going to have some Q/C problems and as new models are released there will be growing pains. Just like any other manufacturer.

I have 4&5 inch versions. All S/S as well as alloy frames, target sights and combat sights. None have had a single issue requiring warranty work. I have one 9mm Gamer gun with so many rounds that its on it's third set of sears/hammers.

The last two new firearms I purchased were Custom II, Two Tones. Both were perfect in every way, fit finish and performance, POA=POI!

Two of my EDC's are 4" Pro Carry II's 9mm and 45ACP!

I've had one S&W and one S/A that were returned for warranty work.

Buy a new Kimber with confidence!

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