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Referring to a comment by fellow moderator PT-Partners about the contemporary custom 1911 owners taste and limited knowledge of history behind the weapon:

Actually, that is a very valid point. Our introduction to the gun was based upon experience, rather than research, as it simply wasn't possible to log on to a computer and have all of your questions answered in those days. Either you were issued one, bought one or spent time actually talking and shootng with with people who did. Worst case, you spent a lot of time on the phone.

Even in the early days of this forum, the nature of the discussions was often quite different and the number of available models -- especially in the Wilson line -- was a mere fraction of what is offered today. Customization options, now a Wilson hallmark, were much more constrained, and you couldn't simply "have it your way," more often than not.

Choice is a good thing, of course, but it can also be paralyzing; especially if your only real exposure to the guns comes from looking at pictures and reading forum posts. I almost feel sorry for guys struggling to build a spec sheet when they have no real idea what half of the check boxes really mean, why certain options exist or what might be best-suited to them as a shooter. It has, in some ways, almost surely become a more difficult process for a lot of guys. We see it here every day.

We've come a long way, and anything that increases our access to knowledge is a good thing, so I'm certainly not complaining. Like you, I do my best to guide and educate within the limits of my lane, and I'd like to think that we save a few guys here and there from making costly mistakes; still, it can be a tough row to hoe when you simply "don't know what you don't know." I also have to laugh a bit at the general lack of awareness of what constitutes the absolute top tier of the market. Wilson's builds a beautiful gun, and I'm a happy customer, but I wouldn't drop $7k on one. There are some others out there (i.e. the LTW crowd) that, well ... you know the rest of the story. You see and sell them every day.

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