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On 5/1/13 he said this:

Not that I am the font of all spiritual or relational wisdom, but I actually managed to figure this one out: you've got to find a woman who loves God more than she loves you -- albeit just barely.

She will be much more inclined to forgive when you're being a clod (because it's the the right thing to do, and it is wrong to harbor bitterness and offenses) and she will be more likely to recognize and work on her own shortcomings before they become a major source of agitation for you and/or the family.

I happen to be the meatball in my own relationship, but fortunately I chose well, and Mrs. AC and I will celebrate our 25th Anniversary in less than 90 days ... unless I kick her butt to the curb, of course. lol Not much chance of that happening, though; she's only improved with age, and was already far better than I deserved in the first place.


On 11/4 about his daughter's engagement and her fiancee:

Without turning this into too much of a sidebar, as a fellow man of faith, I will tell you that the new fiancÚ is a true gentleman with a clear heart for God and a strong drive to serve others. When you find that kind of discernment and maturity in any young man (instead of the cocksure pride that we doubtless had. lol) it makes it a pretty easy thing to entrust him with a beloved daughter who happens to share those same life goals. Feeling pretty blessed all-around.

Not sure if I'll still be on my feet for a June wedding, of course, but I have perfect peace about where this couple is headed. They are doing it right. What dad could really ask for more?


They later changed the wedding date to after Christmas.
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