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Originally Posted by Fishman33 View Post
70000 have been sickened by the coronavirus in the world. 2700 have died.

Every year nearly 500,000 die worldwide from the regular flu. Think the media is overblowing this a bit.
Originally Posted by AtlasFired View Post
I'm wondering if it might be getting extra attention because where what happens annually with the regular flu is well known and not unexpected (and there's at least well-developed immunization programs), what's happening with coronavirus has caught authorities a little offguard and they are playing catchup which is not a good position for them to be in.
Fish, thanks fpr posting those numbers, it quantifies for anyone half rational to see what I posted directly above yours.

Atlas, just an fyi, the flue "immunizations" are not as effective as the medical establishment would like us to believe. There was a really good article in the AARP magazine last fall exposing a lot of the truth here. More and more take the flue shot every year, but more and more people are getting the flue. I don't exactly remember the #, but the shot had a horribly low rate of working, I know it was below 50%. In our country alone, never mind 3rd world, 36,000 die of flue every year (that is well above the number who died in the Revolutionary war for example)....

I do of course condone what POTUS and the M-establishment is doing to fight C-Virus, but if I say the media is hyping C-Virus it is indeed an big-understatement. They do it because it puts butts in seats (viewers), and for the Lefty-Media it provides another vehicle to disparage POTUS with lies.
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