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I don't give much credence to the endless amount of chest-pounding on gun forum's as far as who is brave and who is not. It is just pointless talk if the bravery isn't paired with team work, consolidation of forces, and a plan to resist.

Bravery in and by itself isn't enough (assuming all those who tell us how brave they are - truly are brave). A Banzai attack against US Marines usually amounted to a "tale told by a fool, signifying nothing". A lot of dead-"Jap's" to use the colloquialism of the day. Brave yes, smart - no.

I'm more interested in what ones strategy is rather than how brave a person is. That is why I am happy to support the VA patriots, they have exhibited bravery so far, but beyond that, they have a collective means to resist throughout the state. They need to formulate further plans and strengthen the coalition against potential violent attempts by the evil-governor, but so far they have done more than any state has to date in preparation of resisting.
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