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To the OP and all the ones not fully committed to the Constitution:

Now is the time to not only buy more, but make sure it can't be found. Stored safely, away from you yet accessible. Untraceable to you. Storage unit in your name? Bad idea. Buried in a friend's backyard? It'd have to be some trustworthy friend. But you get the idea. You can't have all your stash in your house, that's the first place they'll go for!

It's time to party like it's 1775. That means hide your ****, and apply opsec - don't be talking about it. You never know at work who the socialists are. Actually sometimes it's rather obvious who they are, they're so good at self-identifying.

It also means plan and rehearse. What would you do if the door does explode at 2 am on a Tuesday? Comply, or defend yourself? Could you actually *do* it? Will the nerves let you? Will your heartbeat and adrenaline let you sight and trigger properly?

One such defense may be a loon. Two may be just crazy people. Thousands across the States will be Martyrs. I'd like to think that after enough bloodshed public opinion will turn against the banners.

THen again, I am wired very much unlike most people. My scenarios may be backwards from what most would think would happen.
Beware any government intent on disarming its people
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