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Originally Posted by USMM guy View Post
I am referring to Richmond VA. We sent a message in a peaceful and orderly fashion. And they got it. The really bad bill SB 961 bears very little resemblance to what they originally started with. And it still has only the slimmest chance of passage. We will see Monday how this plays out. At least for now here in VA.

The other bunch of bogus bills that they came out with will have little real effect. And we will roll them back as time allows. One bill that these buffoons managed to have heard really makes me scratch my head. They want to give people the ability to put themselves on a prohibited list. I am sure that will drastically lower "gun violence" here in the commonwealth.
A gutted anti-gun bill is still an anti-gun bill. The legislature realized after the rally, that they dumped the frog into water that was already boiling. They will now try to be incremental and turn up the heat slowly like CA did.
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