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Originally Posted by Col. Colt View Post
Some things are best illustrated with Statistics.

There are well over 100 Million Gun Owners in the United States. There is somewhere (depending on whose numbers you believe) over 300 Million firearms in private hands in the USA. Of those, over 20 MILLION meet the definition of "Assault Weapon", each with an average of 6-8 magazines apiece. And there are BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition in american closets, on shelves and in gun safes.

What is the size of the force that would be available to take these arms, assuming a worst case, Bernie Sanders "Soviet Style" Communistic State happens this election?

First of all, if you add up every cop, sheriff's officer, FBI, regular Army and National Guard - you don't get much over 2 Million available "Enforcers". Many of those wearing these uniforms do understand the Oath they have taken "to preserve the Constitution of the United States from All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic" - and would not be very good enforcers. Some would quit, some would "look the other way" and some might turn their weapons on the oppressors themselves.

But let's assume you have 2 Million eager "Bernie Bro trained" enforcers. Let's say only 10 Percent of those 100 Million gun owners would resist. Let's see - an Army of Ten Million against an Army of Two Million - how would that play out?? And an awful lot of the guys on the resistance side are former Army or LE themselves - they know the drill,, and would be quite effective in making the Enforcers pay an outsized price. Cops have homes and families to worry about, too - I recall a time when some of the Drug Culture shot up several of our Officer's houses in Drive By Shootings - and it was pretty tense wearing a uniform with a police car parked outside for us and worrying about a random bullet coming through the house and killing someone you love. If this goes to blows, it will be messy - but it will be equally so for both sides, make no mistake. Which is why we MUST fight this out Politically, with Words, Logic and Ballots, Not Bullets. No Civil War was ever Civil, and we must avoid one if we can.

Support the right candidates - with help on the campaign, or money. Talk to your friend s and neighbors - if each of us got one more person to vote right next election the problem would be solved. Let's stop the other side from creating the Next Civil War - through education and persuasion.

It's time to educate you family members - and explain what is at stake. If we fail to win the war of words, and we stand by the Oath to the Constitution so many of us here have taken, we might have to resort to measures none of us want. CC

PS - Want to know what it could be like? Re-screen Mel Gibson's movie "The Patriot". Pay attention to the more grim, ugly parts, and make your own appropriate decisions and preparations. Let's not let that happen, friends. CC
Excellent post! I would say to the highlighted part above - Civil War is not about being "civil", but is about war between the "civilian population"; always very ugly, and that is why it must be avoided if possible. Both sides of the political sides have that option, but if one crosses the line the other has no recourse left other than surrender or fight.
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