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Again Country, name one.

Originally Posted by wccountryboy View Post
We have members here who are "stuck" in 2A restrictive States- because they're unwilling to forfeit a comfortable job or lifestyle. Why should we expect government employees to be any different- willing to sacrifice their livelihoods and families for YOUR guns...?

And before the lectures about personal sacrifice for duty even starts- I understand it far better than most here, I've lived it for 30 years.
Some may grouse about it and say that they are stuck. The majority of them are only saying this euphemistically I doubt that anyone here that has "a comfortable job or lifestyle". That they do not have the wherewithal to relocate. I do not think that we have a single member here that is "stuck" where they live.

After Monday I may find myself in a position whereby my gun rights may be curtailed to an extent. I have the wherewithal to live anywhere that I wish pretty much. But I am not going anywhere. My wife and I are staying right here. And we will be fighting these bitches all the way.

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