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I fully agree with this post.

Originally Posted by SC shooter View Post
I think the media is our biggest enemy without their dishonest steady stream of propaganda the left would not have the strong foothold they hold in our government. If they had always been honest and reported the truth many of the leftist leaders would have been defeated or imprisoned for their corruption.

War or no war I will not comply with any unconstitutional laws passed by lying corrupt leftist who would gladly imprison me just because I don't vote the way they want me to. If you allow yourself to be disarmed by these people you will be at their mercy and I really don't think they have any.
It used to be that if you owned one media outlet in a large city for instance. Say like a newspaper or radio station it was against the law to own another one like say a television station.

Well as luck would have it. Slick Willie changed all that. He signed into law a very big and all encompassing telecommunications act. Legislation was certainly needed at the time as cell phone usage, internet, cable and other media was really starting to take off. But the powers that be really slipped some things in there that were not all beneficial to you and I. An example of this is the fact that all cell phones sold in this country are required to have a GPS locator in them. So the whereabouts of any individual in the country that happens to be carrying a cell phone on them (turned on or not). Their whereabouts can be tracked at any time by the government. How convenient for them.

More to the matter at hand, all of the restrictions on ownership of media outlets was removed. The consequence being that 90% of all media outlets in this country are now owned by six individuals. Jeff Bezo's ownership of the Washington post is no accident.
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