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Originally Posted by combat auto View Post
Yes, it is quite shocking, and becomeing more apparent now in the age of Institutionalized-hate for Trump...

Very disappointed in Barr, beside the fact he hasn't deliver any of the swamp evil doers head's on a plate yet, a big ZERO, he spoke nasty against potus this week concerning POTUS opinion about sentencing. Barr is capitulating to Nancy and the lefty with these words. In his interview, he should just have said "POTUS is protected by the 1st amendment and entitled to an opinion like anyone else. These opinions don't have an impact on the case one way or another though" and STHU after that.

It seems the more these people come with "high-regard, patriot" labels (like Barr did) the less they accomplish. POTUS should bring in all outsiders, albeit that will not be easy given they have to be approved by the senate-swap. It is self-perpetuating.
Yep and today his DOJ just announced no charges against McCabe. Same exact thing is going to happen with the Durham probe, which is our last hope of any kind of accountability or equal justice making a return. Just count on it.

We're on our own boys.

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