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Originally Posted by HT77 View Post
I told you what was coming. The treason goes all the way up to Obama and for that reason Barr won't charge any of them. He is a gutless disgusting little tub of crap who only goes after targets that the media will laud him for. Whenever you hear that someone in DC is of the highest integrity like they said about both Mueller and Barr, you can be sure it is just the opposite.
Although I don't always agree with your worst-case outlooks ;-), yes indeed, you did say this quite a while back, and I am happy to give you 1000% of credit on this one.

It almost seems like the DOJ is trying to run out the clock on the anti-witch hunt investigations.

But as far as POTUS tweeting, I guess some of his swamp underlinks quit the case and one even quite his swamp job altogether and now Barr can't hide his true allegiances.

Anyway, he is on my XXXX-list now that he spoke (openly) against POTUS. If he was an Honorable man he would have talked with potus in private.
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