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Originally Posted by FNHipowerluv View Post
...Some of you need to remember that there are minorities that can and have come to our side...
Of course! A few like 8%, But the majority of Black Americans vote democrat.

Look at the PEW research.

By contrast, African American voters remain overwhelmingly Democratic: 84% identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party. Just 8% of black voters identify in some way with the Republican Party.

While black voters remain solidly Democratic, identification with the Democratic Party has declined modestly in recent years: About two-thirds of African Americans have identified as Democrats in the last several years, down slightly from the first half of Barack Obama’s presidency, when about three-quarters affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Now, if its Comrade Bernie vs Bloomturd as the nominee, Trump may have a better chance of winning Black voters over with Bloomturd. Many Blacks may sit out the general elections in November if Bloomberg is on the ticket.

But if its that Commie Sanders, Trump will not get as many Black votes but he will certainly get much more of the middle of the road, and Independent voters because the greater majority of the nation is just not ready for that dye-in-the-wool commie.

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