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Originally Posted by Welder Guy View Post
I’m convinced Biden has dementia and its sad that he’s being encouraged to stay in the race. However, if he has a poor showing in NH I can see him dropping out. If that happens, I won’t be surprised one bit to see HRC jump in.
I think he was always full-blown retard. Anyhow, I was raised to never ridicule mentally-impaired people, but I make an exception for Creepy Ol' Quid Pro Joe.

Remember how he was boasting while as Vice-President how he got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired? Everyone must've seen the video by now. He was so proud of how he could wield power as vice president right on camera that he was too stupid to realize that he was incriminating himself in about two or three federal statutes regulating public corruption. He is truly a dumb, low IQ politician who is protected by the DNC power mandate.

It wouldn't surprise me if he is named once again as a running mate for the next DNC candidate for president. He is an easy puppet to manipulate by the DNC.