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Originally Posted by Johnny handgun View Post
Please understand that I’m not looking for pity. I’m just looking to wrap my head around my situation.
At one time I was sitting quite well preparation wise. Lots of food, 1000 gallons of filtered treated water. Lots of guns, magazines, ammunition. First aid supplies, fuel, communications. Blah blah blah. I was working out hard, was in decent shape, I was very strong.

Then one morning it blindsided me. Massive heart attack. Torn descending aorta. Blood pressure went insane. Here I am 8 years later, thankful to be alive as they were only given me a few months once my ascending aorta completely burst. I survived that surgery too but my arteries and veins are blown out and I can barely walk due to deep vein thrombosis in my legs. I can barely walk a city block, strap on a 40 lb bag of gear and I’m lucky to make it 50 feet.

Most of my supplies are long gone other than guns, mags ammo etc. went from a big house to a one room apartment. Had to sell my business and now live on my social security.

I really am confused about where I go from here. Doctors tell me that every day is a blessing and with m uncontrolled blood pressure it’s amazing I haven’t had a stroke. Just looking for some ideas or insight. I’m a Christian and ave made peace with my savior.
First off, I'm glad to hear you survived what could've been much worse.

You're fed, clothed, sheltered and safe.

That puts you one up on lots of folks.

I'm guessing that one lesson you learned is that you can only prepare so much, but that doesn't mean your preparations will always be what is needed.

I prep for the worst and hope for the best.

The following video is one that we should all keep in mind.


Beyond that Johnny, "Keep Your Faith". If you've Done Your Best and been the Neighbor you'd want to have while keeping your Faith in Christ, that's all you can do.
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