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Iím a fan of yours Johnny Handgun! I dig your posts and pics. Didnít realize you were struggling with health issues.

You gotta keep fighting, if you can only walk 50í without tiring, then just walk 25í, except do it more frequently. If you struggle with a 40# gear bag, then cut the weight in half and make two 25í trips.

The fact that you were once in a large house and now youíre in a small apartment, doesnít indicate anything negative. The size of ones house isnít a measure of their success, in fact, recognizing the need to downsize, is actually a measure of your strength and adaptability.

I struggle with a couple of ailments myself, but the worse part of it is having to accept limitations. But, as men, whether we consciously or unknowingly attempt to solve problems, thats what we do. From childhood playground games -to- fatherhood, from careers -to- enthusiast (Hobby) related activities, from relationships -to- friendships, thatís what we do, we solve problems.

In fact, thatís what youíre doing now by making this thread, youíre attempting to solve a problem. While I canít personally relate or provide any helpful info in dealing with your specific health concerns, I can certainly relate to the spirit that drives you to seek a solution.

Iím confident that youíll cope and accept the medical limitations that youíre facing, even if it means having to adjust to different procedures and lifestyle changes. I canít contribute much in that regard, but I remain ever so hopeful that youíll figure out a way to maximize the odds in your favor.
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