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Chainsaws love them as much as 1911s . Have done tree work most of my life and accumulated 25 running Stihl saws from the old 020 up to the MS 880 .

I keep a saw in every truck and cant count the number of times I have cut a tree out of the road way and saved having to backtrack through the mountains . If you have a saw learn how to sharpen it .

If you have the dexterity and patients to sharpen a knife shaving sharp on a stone you should have no problem using a file and sharpening a saw .

That said treat your saw chain like you would the crown of your pistol barrel . Keep it out of the dirt . Makes for much less sharpening It is not a mini ditch witch . Stihl sells premixed gas with no ethanol a must for the just in case box . I store all my saws with this gas in it and have no problems
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