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Originally Posted by markm View Post
Big fan of Tucker holsters but for me it's the HF1 for carry. I can't imagine how a full sized gun would be comfortable IWB, especially sitting or the car. I use kydex for competition but otherwise don't care for them, but I can see their purpose in IWB.
You would think...BUT,

I have been carrying all steel 1911 pistols IWB at 3:30 to 4:00 for the last 2 years,and all kinds of other guns before that. It is to the point I only notice if I don't have a gun stuck to my hip! I feel completely naked without it. I just spent the last 4 days in NYC (go every few months for business) and it drives me crazy that I'm not strapped. So not only is it perfectly comfortable weather sitting, standing, driving, it truly feels unnatural to not have it inside my waist band on my hip. I'm more comfortable "physically" with it than without it. Emotionally and psychologically comfortable as well.
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