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Personal preference for concealed carry and STI 2011 guns....

I have never been a fan of inside the waistband carry.....especially in the hot and humid Florida weather in the summer....

I have a body style that allows using an OWB holster without printing....my shoulders are broad and my waist is smaller than most men with my shoulders. I normally use a one size larger golf style shirt with collar that is untucked. However, now that I am approaching 70, my waist is no longer the 34 waist I had when I was 40 years old.....

I carry the way I train, so using an OWB holster works for me.....and it is much easier to carry when pants are not always the same waist size. Also, I use kydex holsters for the specific guns I use for concealed carry, and like Blade Tech and Comp Tac kydex holsters. I would guess to carry inside the waist band takes about a 2" larger waist size for pants.....then how do the pants fit when not carrying concealed....? Also, an OWB holster can be modified slightly for user wear....so the gun is near vertical when carrying concealed just behind the strong side hip bone.....

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