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Originally Posted by NoExpert View Post
As soon as the government is no longer in charge of education, the free market will respond with affordable education. There will be a market opportunity and there will be education available at every price tier.

Some schools have been doing it for over a hundred years. Example:

Someone still has to pay for it. Joe six pack lacks the ability to do so.

Try again. FYI....My neighbors son goes to Hillsdale. It's $25k/yr. No less expensive than any other colleges around me.

At what annual price point do you think K-12 private education becomes affordable for EVERYONE???? Even at $500 per student per year.....you'll have a SIGNIFICANT portion of the population who couldn't afford to pay for their kids education.

My kids have been in private school since K with 2 years to go. I'm well aware of the true costs of private education. It depends tremendously upon private donations far greater than the actual tuition fees.

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