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Shocked how Easily the Staccato P Carries!

While my Daily Carry is a Wilson Combat Carry Comp 9mm Compact, that never stops me from ordering my favorite IWB/Carry holster for the new guns I buy. My Tucker Gun Leather DC-2 arrived today for my new Staccato P.

I simply cannot believe how easily this gun carries and conceals. I was absolutely shocked. I ordered the holster thinking the Staccato P would not carry well, but it would be nice to have the option to carry it. I'm sure the holster has something to do with it. Just like Tucker's all Leather Cover-Up and Cover-Up Plus, the DC-2 is adjustable for BOTH Cant and Height. Most IWB holsters are usually only adjustable for EITHER Cant OR Height, or NEITHER! That's why the only IWB holsters I buy for carry gun candidates is the Tucker Gun Leather Cover-Up or DC-2.

The other thing I love about these two holsters is they are not at all bulky as far as IWB holsters go. They are also not too expensive considering they are made to order custom holster. We are talking $85 here. Great customer service as well.

I live in South Florida and wear a short and T-Shirt 365 days a year. If I can pull off carrying this big and heavy duty gun, you can too!

My Staccato P in the Tucker Gun Leather DC-2 Inside the Waist Holster

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