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Safariland has you somewhat trapped.

I am around hundreds of 6360/7360 with decades behind them. Learning a new Level 3 system and then teaching others with issued SLS/ALS system would be challenging. Not sure I would go that route.

I am told by a co-worker who once carried on duty an STI with a Surefire X300U (for the life of me cannot recall the STI model) and he modified a traditional 1911 Safariland 6360 holster and all levels of retention worked.

I want a Staccato P for duty carry but have not gone in that direction yet. The thumb safety edge causes great pain in my thumb. I have asked several questions (via email) to STI related to this issue and they have gone un-answered.

I want to hold a 2020 Staccato P with my two Safariland 6360 duty holsters for 1911 X300 and Surefire light for a test fit. I am willing to drive to STI (2.5 hrs) for this.

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