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Originally Posted by Striker2237 View Post
My NHCs both spec at 3.5 since that's where I wanted them but feel literally like a 2lb trigger, as I have mentioned in my review of the T3 NHC does triggers without equal. They will go as low as 2lb actual (feels lighter than my Czechmates 1.2) and I think they will do even lower if requested for a pure target/show off gun.

The stroke is longer because they are using a compact slide on a full size frame section and using the comp as the lockup area and to fill in the gap that would otherwise be there if you used a compact side on a full-size lower. I'll send pictures of this system since it's very hard to describe in words but it effectively allows full travel with the lighter slide meaning very very easy to predict recoil with low impulse. If I ever abandon CZ it will be for one of their 2011s due to this feature.

I have shot one and it is the lowest recoil .45 weapon I have ever used. Only my .460 full-size mutiport with .45 loaded is softer but that's technically not a .45

To keep this on topic it would be totally game changing if Wilson offered the experior with that sort of top end and the EDC frames crazy reliability. Surefire way to dominate games with a gun like that and is what I'm really hoping for one day so ALL my guns are Wilson and I don't have to make exceptions due to performance when competing.
Ah I see, on the first part I bolded above, makes a lot of sense. Full size frame, but the comped barrel is taking-up some of that "space" (I know, layman's description on my part, but I get the concept :-)) and the slide is a shorter compact slide...And I take it, because the compact slide has less mass and has full-travel, that less mass is being accelerated (in the negative sense, ie slowed down) over the "full-travel". Hence the force of the recoil is mitigated in both parameter's of F=MXA (both less-mass and deceleration is lower because of the full-travel)...I have to give them kudos, that is more innovative than WC carry-comp/hunter design if it actually makes a material difference in real-tests (which you indicate it does).

On the second bolded part, yep, as I lament often, all these trim option's WC is rolling out are very nice, choices are good, but they are really just relatively-minor iterations of what they have already. The X9 was, imo, the last significant innovative thing they put out in pistol...I'd like to see more differentiation along innovation vs what their offerings are now. Sportier models, more differentiation in 45 acp model's (beyond just trim), high-cap model's, etc...

That NH is something I may consider, I've been contemplating my next custom gun, not that I need one but you know how it is :-). Trouble is, each vendor has shortfalls...Infinity, although their guns are truly world class performer's (I love the way mine shoots), has a 1 year warranty (and marginal CS), so the heck with them I will not be buying another (I was thinking about it)...STI's perform very well, but to be honest, my Costa-CC almost feels clunki (as far as solid reliable feel) vs my WC's...This NH looks like a fantastic design, that 5 " gun is still carryable, my Custom-Comp-TE realistically not so much (but it is an awesome range gun). The only thing on that NH that is missing for me is the Xtac strapes....My preferred vendor is WC, but no sub 3.5# trigger (which is totally ridiculous for a custom gun), and although their trim options are likely the best (and most expansive) in the industry (I just love the Xtac) the 45 side is lagging in innovative ideas (last one was the FW magazines - a very important one, but that was a while back).
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