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Originally Posted by Rwehavinfunyet View Post

There are ways to mitigate the advantages of using a PCC, such as having them start with a maximum of 10 + 1 rounds in the gun.....do not allow suppressors, and perhaps only allow PCC's with iron sights.....
Why would you want to hamstring them? Just let them shoot their game in their own division. If you arent shooting PCC, they are competing in a different division.

Maybe the guy with the PCC uses it as a house gun and he wants some trigger time and/or wants to see how an AR handles in a higher stress environment. How is that a bad thing?

IPSC/USPSA and Steel Challenge both allow PCCs. Steel Challenge (just like IDPA) even allows rimfires. Unless you start your own outlaw match with no PCC allowed you might have someone show up with one.
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