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I simply have more fun with other shooting sports
Such as?
I consider USPSA to be equally afflicted, even though as Tom points out, it doesn't have "pistol" in the logo. If 32 shots are keweler than 18, the PCC user doesn't care, he has a 40 shot magazine.

I see attendance down at the smaller clubs either type. The larger places seem to be holding their own.

I am going to one of those "I am smarter than Bill Wilson" shoots tomorrow. It reads a lot like second year IDPA with speed reloads but we are assured that it is not choreographed to require everybody to shoot the same way. It has not spread beyond the designer's home range.

I note that the Blue Press regularly plugs a "less complicated" shoot that has several locations in the northwest. There is an offshoot in the south that has the most complicated target and scoring I have seen.