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Yes, thanks Guy's...It was a bad day for my 2011's Monday at the range, my Infinity/SVI is still having lock-back problem's after last round (just got it back from Infinity last week ($350 in round trip shipping cost)), and my STI which shot so well will need a major overhaul.

I have full confidence in STI, although a smaller shop the WC, my experience with them indicates they are on par with WC when it comes to making things right.

Infinity/SVI is another story, I'm really disappointed with their customer service and warranty (only 1 year). Although the gun is my best shooter overall, Infinity doesn't take ownership for their problem's. First they blame your ammo (even though it is factory ammo), and after you switch to the ammo they recommend just to get past such a nonsensical assertion, if they still can't fix it the pull the Limp-Wristing-Card - LOL! Yea, I have 13 other semi-auto's and they all run 100%, but I limp wrist just the Infinity - just one of those Cosmic-Anomalies I guess - LOL!. 5500$ gun and they can't get it to run 100%. See my thread in the Gunsmith folder, I am going to have to try to figure it out and fix it without Infinity.

Any gun from any Co can have problems, 4 of my 5 WC's have had to go back too. Some of my polly's too. It is just part of the genera. Most companies are great, step up, solve the problem and fix things. Unfortunately, Infinity is not one of them they seem to have a strained relationship with many of their customer's. I couldn't understand this before I had problem's with their gun because they are very personal people and I have had long interesting discussions with the CS reps just about random shooting stuff. But when it comes to fixing their guns, they go into defensive mode rather than problem solving mode. Mix that with the high-end price and I can see why customer's get so irate with them. And they hold all the card's not much one can really do - 1 year warranty and that is a literal one year. Some customer's like Kimber state 1 year, but will do warranty work well after, if justified.
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