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Originally Posted by USMM guy View Post
This is a hand out to Cargill, Con Agra, and a couple of the other big players. Disguised as a green initiative. They are not concerned how this affects the performance of your small engines. After all none of these people actually do their own yard work.

Over the course of the next few years when grain prices start to spike up world wide. As they are already starting to do due to climate issues. And you start to have millions of people starving to death each year as opposed to maybe a few hundred thousand in any given year. You may actually see some push back on this. But in the meantime, I do not think that the Cargill family will be losing any sleep over it.
It is also alleged that ethanol is a net-net loss in the grand scheme of renewable energy, as are most renewable energy sources.

The reason is that the energy cost of growing corn to yield 1 gallon of ethanol requires more energy in terms of petroleum. The expenditure in fossil fuel for fertilizers, fuel for the tractor/combine, processing the corn, distillation energy costs, energy for the water irrigation, etc, means that more than one gallon of fossil fuel is burnt to make that one gallon of ethanol.

But don't tell that to the green earth liberals, even google likes to hide the search results.

CU scientist terms corn-based ethanol 'subsidized food burning'
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