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Originally Posted by L.E. View Post
An even better label would be "real gas".
I noticed the other day that the pumps now all have stickers with the Federal, State, and local taxes listed. I always shake my head at the idiots who bad-mouth evil 'big oil' and their egregious profits. The government makes about 7 times as much, and does far less.
Yep, on avg it's about $1/gal in just taxes!

nobody (NOBODY) who collects $$ wants to see less gas usage.

In AZ (and I am sure elsewhere), e vehicles are becoming an issue for the tax collectors. Since e vehicles use little to no gas the revenue stream from that tax is vanishing, BUT, DOT will now assess a "e vehicle fee" in registration to help offset the lost tax revenue from gas. This additional fee is near $250+. $250 is about half of a 12kmi/yr car running at 22mpg! As vehicles advance to electric the reg fees will go up.

Technology doesnt always help the consumer.
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