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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
The P365 is intrinsically a very accurate pistol, but its small grip makes it squirm in the hand and many folks can't shoot them too well. The Taurus has a much more hand-filling grip and I suspect that's why you were shooting better with it.

I used to own a SCCY, and it was also intrinsically very accurate. However it didn't fit my hand well and the loooooong DAO trigger required a lot of concentration. As a result I usually shot poorly with it, although I did do great with it whenever I slowed down and took my time pulling the trigger.
For the 365, I bought a Hogue grip sleeve to give a little more thickness. Definitely worth it for me. Also added a 12-round mag to fully support the pinky; another good upgrade.

When I shoot the SCCY, I pull the trigger back most of the way first, and treat it as the first stage of a two-stage trigger. Then I only have to pull it back a little more for it to break. I also added a Galloway Precision flat trigger, which removes some of the long travel. In a SD situation of course you would just be pulling the trigger as fast as you could.
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