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Truer words were never spoken!

Originally Posted by Sistema1927 View Post
Knowing what you are doing, and your limitations is essential.

As a result, I leave those duties to folks much more skilled than I.
A lot of talk has gone on here of late concerning the red flag laws. Well as funny as it may sound. I actually had to take away my fathers McCullough Chipmunk chainsaw from him some years ago. I was visiting him and my mother some years ago and a small tree in their yard went down. Well after he determined that Paul Bunyan had nothing on him, he decided to attack that tree with that less than optimal chainsaw even for hobby grade. Probably a good thing. It was not pretty watching this octogenarian working as hard as he could to injure himself. Fortunately he was frustrated in his efforts. That saw went away shortly afterwards.

You need the right tool for the job. And you need to know how to operate it safely. Nuff said!
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