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Chain saws require quite a bit of maintenance.

That is if you really are interested in safely producing large amounts of sawn wood. Spare chains, as in you can not have too many of them. You just have to have them. I cut multiple large trees into firewood on an annual basis. You will go through sharp chains almost on a daily basis depending on what you are cutting as well as how much of it you are cutting.

Green hardwood will eat up a good chain pretty quick, dead hardwood not so much. For me anything less than about eight inches in diameter is not even worth fooling with. I feed two wood stoves all winter long and I use quite a bit of wood. I started out with a Stihl 310 saw. Basically a Harry homeowner saw just right for someone that cuts a couple of trees a year for whatever reason.

But when I retired and began cutting a lot more wood. I quickly realized that I needed to upgrade. It became clear to me that I was doing more work than the saw. I bought a professional grade saw, a Stihl 362 to be exact and have never looked back. It is a professional grade saw in all respects. High compression, roller bearings, the whole works. I would not however recommend this saw to anyone as their first saw. A very high degree of respect for what this saw will do is required for any operator. It will cut your leg off before you even know it.

With that said I love my Stihl 362 and may even go to a Stihl 400 series saw if I ever feel the need to buy another one.

A couple of further points to be made. I got away from using Ethanol adulterated fuels years ago. They will just eat up these small engines in very short order. Ethanol free gas has been widely available in VA for a long time, and it has served me well. However I got some of the synthetic Tru fuel a couple of years ago to try and help out an especially recalcitrant weed whacker. And it was like a tune up in a bottle. I have been very pleased with this stuff despite its high cost. I have been using it more and more. Just sayin.
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