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Chain saw stuff

Some of us use chain saws quite frequently for a variety of chores while others may own a chain saw for emergencies, like when fallen trees block streets and driveways, or entrances to homes or garages.

Assuming one knows how to safely operate a chainsaw, in an emergency situation just owning a chain saw, a can of 2 cycle gas, some bar oil and safety gear (eyes, ears, gloves etc...) is courting frustration.

Chain saws get dull with use and it is a good idea to know how to sharpen the chain, or at least have a spare chain and the knowledge to replace it when it's dull. In an urban environment there are many things out there that can dull a chain rather quickly and that's not going to help when you're trying to clear a post incident evacuation route.

Files with guides aren't expensive and are easy to use.
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