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My chain saw is a Stihl 028 WB from 1980 . I have replaced the carb, lines & gas filter once once . Always used amsoil 2 stroke oil and gas with no alcohol in it . This old saw was used when we built each of our homes about ever ten years and to clear the occasion tree on our property or on road ways . . Were we used to live in florida 22+ years ago we had one gar station that pumped real gas that was near by , In the rural area of Western NC were we have lived for the last 22 years most of out gas stations have one no alcohol gas pump for all the old timers that would change even with there new vehicals but most times its there older trucks that are still running around .

Any how , good quality synthetic oil will not break down and gum up your fuel system . We use the same mix in our stihl string trimmers too . My chain saw my set a year or two . Chock it , give it a couple easy pulls and it fires right up .

We also two man cross cut 5' saw , a one man cross cut 3' saw and several good axes - just in case in the family .

Want to cook quick cheaply , Build a small rocket stove for cooking and planes can be found for a thermal mass type rocket stove for house heat . Does not take much wood to produce serious heat .
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