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Ok. I'll play as well. IF I could limit it to 7 categories...
1. Water source. I'd say in the long run it is more important to have a good purifying filter and collection system for water rather than stored water if it were a real situation.
2. Shelter, meaning protection from the elements in a secure location. Both wearable and structural.
3. Food stores, long and short term; with a plan for replenishment (seeds) and knowledge of raising livestock and farming with appropriate cooking equipment.
4. Weapons and ammo. Firearms and archery for protection and as part of the food replenishment plan. Edged weapons with the ability to re-sharpen.
5. First aid and medical supplies with at least first responder training and preferably advanced training and experience.
6. Lighting; candles, lanterns and flashlights
7. Knowledge of wild plants; poisonous vs non-poisonous, edible vs non-edible.
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