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Just picked one up this weekend after reading more about 2011s. Real nice gun with excellent fit and finish. One of the tightest 1911s I have handled. I would put it right up there with the Dan Wesson I had. What really impressed me about this gun was how well it fit my hand. You can get real high up on the gun. Went to the range yesterday and I have to say this is a great shooter. I have owned many 9mms and this is the softest shooting one I own now. It does shoot flatter than any other gun I own. The "recoil master" is not marketing hype. When I shot this gun back to back with my Glock 19 the difference was very noticeable. The trigger is as good as any other high end 1911 I have handled or shot. Shot about 250 rounds of range grade ammo and had the slide fail to lock back twice but other then that it was reliable. I had read that some have had issues with STI quality and reliability and all I can say is that this gun is awesome and I will be buying more STIs.
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