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Some reference material:

"Where There Is No Doctor" to start with. There are quite a few "marine medicine" books out there now, and "Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine", and battlefield medicine, and the like. There are also books on DIY dentistry, childbirth, etc.

You can do quite a bit with very little... but you have to know what to do.

You'll want some antibiotics; you can still buy some of those online as aquarium supplies. Some painkillers would be nice; remember, it's a Federal crime to keep them in other than their original prescription bottles, which could be an issue if you come under official notice. Imodium or Lomotil for the trots, ChiggerX for chigger bites, snakebite kit, etc.

You'll need rubbing alcohol for sterilization, and some gloves, and suturing supplies, scalpels, etc. Some sterile water for irrigation. You need LIGHT, something better than a flashlight. Whatever you have room and money for, basically.
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