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Originally Posted by PatientWolf View Post
Iíll give you that, but you can get some good used recurves at reasonable prices. I got a Hoyt Dorado for ~$350 and saw one in a quick search for $325 (https://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=5267011). At that price, you can get some decent gold tip arrows and a Bitzenberger fletching jig to add to it.

I shoot instinctive with finger tabs which keeps the cost accessories low also.

There are lesser bows available for less money, but recurves can sometimes be found at real bargain prices even when new.
I have about 25 recurves. Half of them are Black Widows made for me. The last bow I bought was a used Assenheimer....a yr old when I bought it....about $500 if I recall.

Trad guys change bows more often than they change their drawers.

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