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Originally Posted by wccountryboy View Post
Can't go wrong with saving it, create a little prepping slush fund for gear, gold, or whateverelse you may wan..

If its REALLY burning a hole in your pocket, perhaps an inverter in your panel for your generator- if you lose power for more than a few hours at a time, it beats the hell out of drop cords all over the place- and can power light fixtures and ceiling fans, things hard wired into the house. The generator may not be able to power everything at once, butz with a little discipline, you can be very comfortable...

This is from a guy who hasn't had power in the last 24 hours from Florance, and isn't expecting it back any time soon. We have a houseful of gusets, and we can use the lights, have hot running water (tankless gas heater), the kids can play their x station game things, we can run the ceiling fans to keep comfortable...
You have taken a survival situation and turned it into somewhat normal living. This my friends is how its done.
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