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Agreed that a hawk is not a stick.

Originally Posted by wccountryboy View Post
Nothing wrong with a civil disagreement or holding differnent opinions. It keeps things interesting, and allows us to learn from differnent perspectives....

Id suggest that a hawk is NOT a stick... in addition to being a striking weapon, its a slasher and a raking one as well. The ability to smoothly transition from one type of stroke to another very rapidly is inherent in using it as a weapon.

I'd also suggest a 24" handle is at the far extreme of a 1 handed weapon, and entering the realm of the 2 handed... look at other similar tools and weapons A framing hammer has about a 15" handle, a 1# sledge is about the same... swords designed for one handed use have similar length handles... those that are longer are inevitably designed as 2 handed weapons. Another way to skin the cat- what other, primarily one handed, tools or weapons have 24" of handle...?

For you 24" may be "optimum", based on what you're used to and have experianced- however, I wouldn't dismiss shorter options out of hand...

$455 is crazy. As high a quality piece as it is, there's other options of adequate quality for a fraction of the price... I did get mine at a discount, about $50-60 if I recollect, which is why it was in the $225ish range. It was also the reason I sprung for it- I wouldn't have at a $300ish+ point.
I never said it was. However a lot of the discipline crosses over from one to the other. Additionally transitioning from one type of stroke to another is something that is done with individual and separate strokes. To try to transition from one to another midstroke invites a less than satisfactory result.

You suggest that 24" inches is at the extreme of length for a one handed weapon. You mention looking at similar tools. Just for grins as they were readily available. I measured the two machetes hanging by the door of my shop. Thye are 28" and 29.5" respectively and handle quite well with excellent utility at approximately the same weight as my hawk. Additionally I measured an antique Chinese sword that I picked up from my long time friend and antiques dealer Catherine Lee on Orchard road in Singapore some years ago. It measures 31" Now the somewhat elongated gripping portion of it would lead one to believe that two handed use was the preferred method for a nineteenth century Chinese man, all of five feet if he is lucky. However I have no issue using it effectively in certain drills with one hand.

You mention somewhat emphatically that a hawk is "NOT" a stick. Certainly this is the case. But the framing hammer that you mentioned is NEITHER a stick or a hawk. Certainly one would expect a framing hammer to have a relatively short handle. First of all it is generally not used as a weapon. Secondly a nail head is a pretty small target, your blow needs to be much more precise than say a blow to an assailants head. Third is that you do not need as much force to drive a nail as you do to cleave someone's skull. Additionally you generally have all the time in the world to drive said nail home, relatively speaking of course. Other tools require a shorter handle as well for any number of reasons. But I think that this is more weight driven then anything else.

At any rate I know that you always like to have the last word in these discussions. So have at it as I am done at least for now in debating the finer points of weapon handle lengths.
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