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I guess that we are just going to have to agree that we disagree.

Once you get past a certain length then you are now using a two handed weapon as opposed to a one handed weapon. An arms length plus a hand is about optimum. Additionally I would submit that if you have to God forbid slow or stop a strike, or even change direction with one. Then you did not plan it right the first time. Having had the crap beaten out of me with Rattan sticks over in the PI for over a year and having to fight back with same, broken fingers and all, (paying for this now with arthritis) sometimes against more than one assailant. I know a little bit about this.

Actually the Shrike ad that I pulled up had them listed for 455$. However they did go on to say that service people got a discount which would likely include yourself. I would love to have one albeit with a longer handle.
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