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I did not say "solely as a weapon."

I would submit that a Hawk with a longer haft is every bit as utilitarian as one with a shorter "tang". As I stated earlier you can always choke up on it if you need more precise control. Additionally a longer handle will give you greater leverage for certain tasks such as opening ammo crates. As for intuitive use as a weapon. I will just say each to their own on this one. I prefer a longer lever.

As far as fast enough verses as fast as possible. Again we each have our own opinions. If I am trying to smash a guys skull in, cut off a limb, or even break a window or other barrier. Yes I want to go very fast, because quite frankly I am not really sure how much force it will take to accomplish any of these tasks in a given set of circumstances. I can control it just fine. It is not that heavy. If I was swinging a mace or battle axe, sure it is going to be harder to control, but a +/- 2lb hawk it is not that difficult. And I carry it on my back not hanging from a belt. It does not get in the way and is very easy to bring into play.

I did not see any "skull crusher spike" protruding from the end of the Shrike in the picture that I saw. But I believe you. Actually I like the head of it and would consider one if it had a 20"+ handle on it, even if it is a little pricey.

Quite frankly I will take my thirty dollar hand forged, wood handled hawk made by an old Vietnam war vet down the road before I will take the four hundred dollar Shrike into harms way any day of the week.
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