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A full length haft?

Originally Posted by wccountryboy View Post
What is a "full length haft"...? My RMJ Forge Shrike has a 13" tang, and its more than adequate, and doesn't impede mobility. I think balance, weight, and design are far more important than handle length, though the latter is a factor that impacts the former...

Ive had mine for many years. I've opened ammo crates, punctured tires, broken locks, dug a firing port through mud clay brick, field dressed, skinned, and butcherd a deer... and fought with it. Its almost a natural extention of my arm. The balance and leverage provided by the handle length is perfectly suited to the size and mass of the head.
"A handle; that part of an instrument or vessel taken into the hand, to hold or use it; usually, the hilt of a knife, sword, or dagger." (see heave) Webster's new international dictionary, second edition unabridged.

So I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that we are both referring to the handle of said Hawk. You using tang, myself haft. My preference is for a full twenty inches or more long haft, 24" is about optimum for me for my arms length. This thread being after all about fighting. Opening ammo crates, puncturing tires if one is so inclined can of course be accomplished with about anything sharp that additionally gives a bit of leverage. For fighting I want to be able to get the head of my hawk moving as fast as possible for a strike on an opponent. Far greater head velocity can be achieved with a longer haft than a shorter one. A hawk with a 13" tang really comes across to me as more like a long handled Ullu style knife than a fighting hawk. Sure they have utility for this and that. But I will stick with my hawk with the 24 inch haft for fighting. If more mundane tasks are required of it, you can always choke up on the haft of it. Additionally a tool with a longer length gives you two ends to fight with. There is a reason why you see a lot of old Hawks with a spike on the opposite end of the haft from the cleaving blade. Granted that the Shrikes look pretty impressive and they should for that price. But that non conductive over molded rubber handle does not look all that lethal to me. Years ago I used to practice Arnis De mano. And we used to practice with Rattan sticks. A pretty basic but useful move was that if and when an opponent could grab hold of the end of the stick that you were hitting them with. Then you could always gouge them in the face/eye with the other end if you played your cards right.
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