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Originally Posted by wccountryboy View Post
What is a "full length haft"...? My RMJ Forge Shrike has a 13" tang, and its more than adequate, and doesn't impede mobility. I think balance, weight, and design are far more important than handle length, though the latter is a factor that impacts the former...

Ive had mine for many years. I've opened ammo crates, punctured tires, broken locks, dug a firing port through mud clay brick, field dressed, skinned, and butcherd a deer... and fought with it. Its almost a natural extention of my arm. The balance and leverage provided by the handle length is perfectly suited to the size and mass of the head.
A lot to be said for the striking power of an axe, but you do sacrifice agility. It's just physics. Weight in motion and all that. Balance is important too, but you already pointed that out. And no question that an axe is a better chopping tool. But for close in fighting where I have to use a blade, then I want a quick, balanced and RAZOR sharp knife. The SOG that I have dedicated for the purpose is lightning quick, has excellent steel in it so I can achieve and maintain a wicked edge on it, and it has excellent slashing and stabbing characteristics. Also, the handle is of a material that won't get slick if it is wet or bloody...another important consideration. And some of it boils down to your preferred fighting style as well. My training relies on quick slashes followed by rapid thrusts to the neck and head area if possible. Most people use the knife in their strong hand, but that places your vitals closer to the attacker. My training has me with the knife in my weak hand, edge away from the body (although I also sharpen the swage on the trailing point). The reason for this is, I can defend both my upper and lower zones with rapid slashes and the attacker has to get past the knife to get within striking distance of my torso. My balance is on my strong foot (rear) like in a boxing stance. To get close enough to me to hit my torso, the attacker is exposed in the head/neck region, and to pass through my defensive zone, his arms are exposed to my blade where I can get at the muscles and tendons that control his grip. My strong hand is held in reserve for punching or grasping. Easier demonstrated than described, but highly effective when practiced.
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