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I am pretty much with country on the hawk idea.

Easy to use, deadly, and utilitarian to boot. However it has to be a real hawk, meaning with a full length haft. I see these so called tactical hawks for sale with 14" handles. What are you going to do with that, chop vegetables maybe?

With that said, I have heard it said from creditable sources that most people are not really strong enough to be able to use anything more than about an eight inch blade efficiently for cutting. So this certainly gives weight to Chrys's recommendation of a K-Bar. I do not think that anyone would not agree that you could certainly do a lot worse.

As for me, I have options also. First of all I have an old Swedish bayonet that I bought about a hundred years ago for ten bucks at a gun show complete with frog. It is not particularly sharp. However back in the day when I used to hunt alligators down in Bayou La Fourche LA. I actually learned how to throw it. I can land it pretty soundly into a tree out at about fifteen feet. The hollow handle helped considerably. I could see this being just the right thing to do in certain sets of circumstances. The drawback then being that you no longer have a knife in your hand.

Or I might consider my Raymond Thorpe Bowie. It's thirteen inch blade certainly gives you some reach. The drawback being that it weighs more than the hawk that I often carry in the woods now days.

But more likely if I was just going to carry one knife to do it all, fighting included it might very well be my Randal 9" Sportsman's Bowie.
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