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As CountryBoy said, knife fighting is almost always going to hurt. That said, I do FIRMLY believe that some training is valuable in reducing the degree to which you might get hurt. I have a close friend that is a Vietnam vet as well as a former (undefeated) unlimited martial arts fighter. He was with SOG when in Vietnam and somehow wormed his way into training with some of the ROK Special Forces in knife fighting (those guys were killing machines!). He, in turn, gave me some training as well, and although I am not anywhere NEAR his level, I can hold my own pretty well against a single assailant. What I did learn from him is that everything I learned before was wrong! But once explained, it was easy to see the logic in what he taught me, and now it is second nature. That said, I still prefer to have a gun when in a knife fight.

So far as the knife itself? I do happen to have a dedicated fighting knife on my kit, an OLD SOG Gov't Agent, but this is just my preference. The advice from CountryBoy and Chrysanthemum is excellent and probably a better answer than mine for most. I use what I use because I trained with it, but it is also only associated with a kit that I would carry in a situation where I felt that combat was likely. Otherwise, my advice would be more along the lines of a SwampRat Chopweiller or Ratweiller, a good KaBar, or even a good hatchet if the conditions warrant. Environment should play a role in your decision, so choose to fit whatever is most appropriate for what you anticipate while still retaining versatility to adapt to the unanticipated. And A blade, ANY blade, is better than no blade.

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