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Coleman white gas---yeah baby!

I do a lot of camping for recreation and I've accumulated a lot of gear as what works for car camping doesn't do well when back packing. What works when packing in on mules may not perform well in a Super Cub or on a canoe trip or gunkholeing. Motorcycle and bike trips are yet another kettle.

All of this gear can be an asset when contemplating weathering a natural disaster, of course, but two items that strike me as extraordinarily useful are the 40's 50's & 60's car camper's favorites, the Coleman white gas two burner stove and lantern---you can include the more modern Coleman multifuel models of course, but for the money used Coleman white gas fired gear is an amazing deal. Here's a lantern that can really light up the night and a two or three burner stove that can do anything your kitchen range can do. Generators and pumps are easily repaired if need be (and likely never will) and lantern mantles, if you treat them according to Coleman's directions (fire, then let cool before lighting the lantern for the first time,) can last seasons barring any jars.
Back in the day, Coleman marketed them as Camping Pals so wherever you find one, you'll likely find the other at swap meets, Craig's, yard sales and junk shops. For $20-30 you can have a standby light and stove if you don't already have them in your garage. Crown White Gas at Walmart is half the price of Coleman's.
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