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Custom2 has much more gunsmithing experience than I have, so you should give much more weight to his answer than to my answer. Now, having said that, my experience has been that almost all 1911 barrels are interchangeable, in that they will fit, and somewhat function. I agree with C2 that almost none will function as well as the original barrel unless it is "fitted". But most barrels will "drop in" and function. There may be major issues that will damage the barrel or slide over time, but they should function in the short term.

Almost all 1911 magazines are interchangeable as to fit. Function is another matter. Different magazines have....well......differences. Some have the locking notch a little higher or lower, causing the rounds not to feed well. Some have different types of followers or feed lip styles causing some ammo not to feed well. And, sometimes a certain type of follower just won't trip the nub on the slide stop which locks the slide back when the last round is fired.

So, the short, but not simple answer to your simple questions is "yes and no".

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