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Its such a silly question to begin with - if you are a believer in an end of the world-shtf scenario, and you have put yourself in a situation where you only have access to one gun, you don't practice what you preach.

If I were to magically appear in make believe land where everyone is scrounging for what they need to survive and living off the land (or each other), I would have a 22lr with lots of bullets. and an AR, and bolt gun, and pistols, and a solar powered tank, and that elven bread that regenerated itself that Bilbo Baggins & Company went on their quest with, and ....

Really - if you are a doomsday prepper the only scenario i can envision where you have only one gun is where you were traveling and are just stuck with what you have on you. If you are saying it you want that to be 22lr, that implies that must be your EDC. good luck with that.
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