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No problem! Before you pull the trigger on one, I read on rimfirecentral that there's a guy that helps you track down beautiful grain stocked guns. It's a walnut stock, and some look pretty plain. Mine is on the more plain side, but sometimes you find one that's absolutely stunning, with really pronounced grain.

I didn't use him cause I am in Canada and it would've been a lot of paperwork and hassle to get one across the border (not the mention the cost would drive the price of the gun up astronomically) but if you're looking for one that has an amazing grain pattern stock, it's worth holding out for him.
I could ask on rimfirecentral if you'd like, or if you join and go to the CZ forum, there are extremely knowledgeable people for that kind of thing.

Best of luck!

One more thing I'd like to mention about this gun...it comes with legitimately good sights. Some rimfire guns come with cheap factory sights, these ones are very good. The rear ladder has distance markers so you can slide it up or down, and the front one is adjustable with a little screw that can move up and down a ramp. Hope this helps.

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